Habits To Maintain A Healthy Respiratory System

Doctor holding an X-ray of a patients lungs, bones, and other organs

Stellar respiratory health is one of the keys to a long, happy life. There are many factors that can play into the overall health of your lungs. Improving and preserving your respiratory health may be easier than you think. The Foxtail Assisted Living team has put together a list of how you can take care of your respiratory system. Check out these tips for improving the health of your lungs!

Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Studies have shown that secondhand smoke is just as detrimental to your respiratory health as if you were smoking yourself. Even brief exposure to cigarette smoke can increase your chances of lung cancer and other cardiovascular health problems. Being diligent about staying away from secondhand smoke can preserve your overall respiratory health and keep your lungs happy and healthy.

Protect Yourself During Flu Season

Vitamins and hand sanitizer are going to be your new best friends when cold and flu season comes around! Avoiding the nasty illnesses that go around in the colder months will help sustain your healthy lungs. Even the tiniest cold can have serious repercussions on your respiratory health. If you do feel a cold coming on, there are many ways you can take care of your respiratory system to reduce the effects of the illness. Drinking lots of fluids, over-the-counter medicine, and getting plenty of rest has proven to lessen symptoms.


Regular exercise not only improves your muscle strength and endurance but also boosts your lung health. Aerobic workouts such as walking, jogging, or jump roping are great for improving respiratory function. Improving posture through muscle-strengthening exercises also increases lung capacity. Working out will help your body become more efficient at getting oxygen into your bloodstream and boost your respiratory health along with overall well-being.

Regular Doctors Visits

Scheduling annual visits with your doctor is a great preventative measure to ensure your respiratory health is where it should be. Tests such as the Pulmonary Function Test can be done to see how well your lungs are working. PFTs can be done if you are having trouble breathing or you just want reassurance that your lungs are healthy. Along with checking your respiratory system, making sure your overall health is excellent as well can help reduce other stresses on your body.

Avoid Pollutants

When most people think of pollution that can harm your lungs, they think of ones that are from factories when in fact, pollutants can be found inside your home too! Air pollution can irritate the lungs and cause inflammation that will slowly cause long-term respiratory health issues. Although outside pollutants are very dangerous, there are pollutants in your home that can be just as harmful. Fumes from paint or chemicals you may use around your house can damage your lungs. To avoid this, wear a mask to prevent the particles from entering your lungs!

A long healthy life starts with taking care of your body so it will last you a lifetime. Lung health may not be a priority for you right now, but preserving your respiratory system starts now! For more information on senior living and what we do to take care of our residents, contact Foxtail Assisted Living today!

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