Making the Move to Assisted Living

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Moving in general is hard, but moving into an assisted living facility can be even more daunting. With our 25+ years of operation, the entire Foxtail team takes pride in providing our residents with exceptional resources, a comfortable environment, and personalized activities to fit each resident’s interests. Although it can be difficult, assisted living facilities can be a benefit to both the resident and their family.

Resources and Amenities of Foxtail

The resources and amenities provided at Foxtail include a mix of recreational and self-care facilities. When moving from an independent home to assisted living, Foxtail ensures that residents still get all the qualities of an independent life. Housekeeping and transportation services make sure residents do not feel stuck inside of a care facility while our 24-hour medical staff are always available to help in case of an emergency or with medication management! If this is the case, get in touch with Foxtail Assisted Living today.

Create Your Comfortable Environment

We understand that moving to a new place can be scary. To make the living experience at Foxtail as comfortable as possible, we advise decorating the space similar to the previous home. The comfortable environment doesn’t stop as it extends throughout the facilities; Foxtail also provides a private beauty parlor, decorated common areas, and a variety of floor plans to help all of our residents reach their optimal comfort level.

Personalized Activities

Every week there are different activities planned for residents. Based on different interests and abilities, residents have the opportunity to explore many activities that can help them find new hobbies. Whether you want to exercise with friends and family or take time for yourself, Foxtail Senior Living has activities and exercise programs for you.

Making the Decision

With convenient locations in Boise, Eagle, and Meridian, you can choose the location closest to your family or in the area you like most. Memory care needs are also available for patients experiencing memory loss. The perfect dance between support and self liberty is one of the main reasons Foxtail Senior Living would be a perfect fit for you or your loved one!

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