5 Senior Activities to Plan For This Summer! [2022]

There comes a time in our lives when it becomes a little more difficult to do all the things our younger bodies used to do. As a senior, it is important to continue keeping yourself busy and enjoying the things you love most in life! Activities for seniors can be more than just book clubs and puzzles, they can be engaging and fun!

Summer is the perfect season to spend time outside and be active with your community. Everything is in bloom, the sun is shining, and the air is warm. If you are a senior looking for some new ideas for fun activities in your life, we have provided a few to get you excited for the summer season!


There are several summer activity ideas for seniors. Some of our favorites include water aerobics, pickleball, and yoga.

Although many seniors prefer walking as a main form of exercise, water aerobics provides an anti-gravity effect that makes it easier to maneuver the legs. This is a great option for seniors who aren’t super mobile but still are looking to be active. Water aerobics is a fantastic way to get involved in an activity that is fun and easy on the joints. You can play your favorite music and dance in the pool to get in a fun and fulfilling workout.

Pickleball is another fun way to engage your muscles and get competitive! Many seniors love to play pickleball because it is more engaging than walking and it allows you to play against your friends. You can add a fun challenge to the game by making whoever loses the game buy the winner lunch!

If you are interested in something more relaxing and low-key, yoga is fantastic for the well-being of your mind and allows us to connect with our sense of self. It is a superb way to listen to some relaxing music while also working up a sweat. This form of exercise helps with mobility and balance, something we need help maintaining as we age.


The outdoors fosters feelings of peace which can help us relieve stress. Gardening is a surefire way to start spending some relaxing time in nature.

Many seniors pick up this hobby during retirement, but it is truly an activity for all ages. If you want to start spending more time with family, grandkids love to learn how to plant seeds and help you water the garden! Plus, you can harvest the product of your labor and serve up a delicious meal or display a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!


Fishing is a fun, low-intensity activity that is popular among older adults. Fishing has a large community that allows you to foster new connections with many older adults. For those residing in senior living communities, there is a high possibility other residents share this interest! Fishing is a great way to create a community of seniors that share the same interests as you. Gather a group together and go on a fishing adventure!

The socialization aspect of fishing may not seem essential, but socialization is an important part of life that seniors should not overlook. This social activity is also a stress reliever as the environment is relatively calm and quiet, which allows you to take in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Local Zoos and Museums

Head to a local zoo or museum as a field trip from your living community!Here, you have the opportunity to be exposed to animals and experience things you don’t see every day. When’s the last time you saw a giraffe in person? Exactly! It’s time to get out there and visit the zoo!

Get a group of adventurous residents together and go explore a museum that holds fascinating artifacts from a life long before our own! This is also the perfect activity to do if you want to spend time with family. It is exciting for both kids and adults!


For those living in senior communities, crafts can be a great group activity for residents. Getting residents to participate in creative activities like art can engage the community and help them become more connected to each other.

A way elderly people can practice creativity is through painting, scrapbooking, or photography. If you always been interested in scrapbooking, you can join groups that share this interest and work together on this hobby. This activity also combines pictures and memories with friends that you can reflect on for years to come. You can even create a scrapbook of visits with your grandkids as a wonderful memento of their trip!

Our minds greatly benefit from being creative. Take this as a sign to hone in on your artistic interests and bring newfound creativity into your life!

Foxtail Senior Living

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