Tips for Seniors Transitioning to an Assisted Living Community

There comes a time for older adults to choose whether or not to transition to an assisted living community. This is a big change in your life, therefore choosing an option that is best for you or a loved one is imperative.


Assisted living communities provide seniors with the option to live as independently as possible, providing assistance where it’s needed. Many factors go into choosing when the time is right and what option fits you and your needs.

Let us provide you with a few tips to help guide you through some of the confusion that can arise during this time.

How To Know When It’s Time

Some seniors remain independently mobile for longer than others, therefore the appropriate time to transition to assisted living communities differs from person to person. When daily living and household chores become difficult to complete on your own, it might be time to consider assisted living options.

Whether this means welcoming nursing care into your own home or becoming a resident at an assisted living community, making this transition can make the daily motions of life easier and stress-free.

1. Selecting the Right Facility

There are several different types of living communities, the most popular being independent living communities and assisted living communities.

Independent living communities are perfect for seniors who are mobile but prefer an active lifestyle and social engagement with other residents. This type of residential facility offers prepared meals, interior and exterior maintenance, and housekeeping and laundry services.


Assisted living communities help residents navigate everyday life while also allowing them to live as independently as possible. Assisted living facilities offer memory care, physical therapy to improve fine motor skills, and skilled nursing on property. These homes can also offer transportation services for errands and medical appointments to outside health care providers.

When choosing to transition to an assisted living community, finding the best fit for you or your loved one is essential to ensure their comfort. 

What Do You Value?

When selecting an assisted living community that is a good fit, it is important to consider the things you find most important to live your new life comfortably. For example, if you are in need of registered nurses on-site to help you or a family member with managing medication or speech therapy, these are things you must take into consideration because not every facility will offer the aspects you value most.

Assisted living care differs from facility to facility, therefore it is important to take the time to research your options to ensure that your well-being will be taken care of in the capacity that is needed. If you or a loved one have a cognitive impairment, selecting an assisted living community that offers specialized personal care services is imperative.

2. Ample Time

Moving in a timely manner should not be your top priority. It is important to give yourself all the time you need to make this transition. Separating from your past life and into a new home can be a difficult process.


Start small and begin categorizing in your mind what aspects of your current home you would like to recreate in your new assisted living space.

3. Declutter Belongings

Now that you are planning to move out of your home and into assisted living, it is time to declutter your belongings and store valuables with family members. Most assisted living facilities have the space to hold essentials and special items, but taking everything from your previous home might not fit.


When packing up your home, divide your belongings into several piles such as:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Trash


This will help you narrow down what you plan to pass along and what you would like to bring with you on your next journey.

4. Give Yourself Time to Adjust 

When making this transition to a nursing home or assisted living services, you must allow yourself to take all the time you need to adjust. Going from living in your own home to a new setting can be overwhelming, but will be well worth the adjustment.

Assisted living accommodations will give you the freedom to live your life with the knowledge that support is constantly around you. Older adults that shift their lives to the assisted living lifestyle have the opportunity to form new friendships in a residential setting with other individuals similar to them.


This is an enriching experience for assisted living residents because they are welcomed with the support that they need while also living every day with engaging activities and a newfound sense of community.

Foxtail Senior Living

Foxtail Senior Living fosters a vibrant community for its residents through our devoted senior care. Residents live among other seniors to foster friendships and connections. Foxtail is not like national center facilities, we are a locally owned and operated facility with over 25 years of devoted experience.


Maintaining independence is an important factor for many residents, so we provide different levels of care to help best accommodate this need. Foxtail provides the option of private apartments or companion rooms based on your preferences. Check out our different floor plans here.

Specialized Care

At Foxtail Senior Living, we offer several different types of specialized care based on the specific needs of you or a loved one. The three different types of care we offer our residents are senior living, assisted living, and memory care.

Senior living includes:

  • Carefree Living
  • Maintenance Support
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Regular Activities


Assisted living includes:

  • Support with Daily Care
  • Meal and Cleaning Assistance
  • Managing Medications
  • On-Site Medical Staff


Memory care includes:

  • Trained Staff
  • Increase Incontinence Care
  • Memory-Care Focused Activities
  • Higher Staff to Resident Ratio
  • Secure Environment

We are aware that assisted living costs can be daunting, but we have tools and resources to help you understand the financial impact and how you can fit it into your life and budget. Visit our website today to learn more about our facility and get ready to embark on a new fulfilling chapter in your life!

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