Debunking Common Myths About Aging

Two seniors going on a hike.

The idea of getting older can sometimes be scary and intimidating. This is because there are several common myths about aging that simply aren’t true. Aging doesn’t have to be a scary thing and can be an enjoyable experience if you embrace it! Here are some common myths about aging, and why they aren’t true.

Physical Fitness Deteriorates

One of the most common myths is that you will lose all of your physical ability. While seniors are more prone to this happening, you can greatly slow the aging process by staying active. There are many ways to stay fit as a senior that will be a little bit easier on your joints but will still help in slowing aging. Check out this list of great ideas to stay fit as a senior. Aerobic exercise is the most beneficial for seniors, as it helps with both physical and mental fitness.

Cognitive Ability Declines

It’s a pretty universal stereotype that as you age your cognitive ability will decline; the myth is that you’ll start to be a little slower, take longer to think, and most certainly will lose your memory. This is not true, and many people who work actively on maintaining their memory and challenging their brains will not decline cognitively very much. While staying physically active can also help with this, there are numerous at-home activities that help immensely in building your cognitive ability. One of those activities is board games. Board games stimulate your brain and can help improve its functioning a lot.

It’s Harder to Make Friends as a Senior

Another stereotype of aging is that it makes it harder to meet new people and make new friends. We disagree, as many seniors meet some of their greatest friends later in life. There are great tips all over the internet if you don’t know where to get started. One of the reasons you make such great friends as a senior is that you’ve both fully realized most of your values and beliefs, so it makes it easier to bond over them.

Getting the Most out of Your Golden Years

Once you look past all of the untrue myths, you can start looking at all of the positives of becoming a senior. Moving into a senior living community like Foxtail can help facilitate becoming your best self. We make it easier to get active and engage your brain, as well as introduce you to other seniors with common interests. Give Foxtail a call today with any questions about senior living communities!

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