Translating Assisted Living Lingo

By May 22, 2019 October 7th, 2019 Assisted Living, Memory Care, Senior Living
Two Elderly gentleman playing chess and learning about assisted living lingo

There are more senior living opportunities and alternatives than we’ve ever seen before. The Treasure Valley, in particular, has bore witness to an unmatched expansion in the local community in the last few decades. With more individuals, families, and partners moving to the area, the economy for niche living complexes and communities has expanded on a parallel scale. As a result, the decision to join an assisted living communities has become far less stressful on the impacted populations. However, more options can incite more confusion with with industry language that sound nice but might not mean what you think they mean.

To help sort out some of that industry-specific vocabulary for seniors and their families, we have listed some of the most common practices in the assisted living environment. Understanding these words and phrases can not only help you make sense of organizations you are looking into but also help you decide what practices suit your interests and needs you need to look out for.

While some communities and organizations use these terms synonymously, the industry standards typically recognize these community types as different entities. Below are the for most common living environments relating to the assisted living world.

Senior Living

Communities that are geared toward providing a welcoming, inclusive, and comforting living environment for seniors. Senior living communities may but do not necessarily provide additional services for their residents. At their base level, senior living arrangements provide an apartment or townhome living space for their residents that is traditionally unfurnished. There is typically a shared space for communal use and social interaction but it is completely separate from any individual residence within the senior living complex. These environments are often equated with independent living because of the high functioning nature of their atmosphere.
At Foxtail Senior Living, we provide housing for individuals in a range of residential environments so senior living is possible with us. If our residents are seeking a more autonomous residence, we can certainly provide that space as well as unmatched service upon request.

Assisted living

Comparatively, assisted living communities provide more interaction and increased exposure to aid services. This can include social engagement activities, health and wellness classes, medical services, and potentially more. In this environment, residents are provided for with personalized care and a commitment to quality of life.
Our services at Foxtail Senior Living extend an adaptive, comprehensive, and holistic experience of care. We seek to present and employ an unequaled offering for seniors that not only addresses but surpasses expectations. Beyond that our residential accommodations extend a landscape for personal expression and comfort with quality amenities and home maintenance.

Memory Care

Much of the confusion that revolves around memory care is misconstrued. Memory care in the world of assisted living refers to living environments for those with Alzheimer’s, another form of dementia, or other memory-designated health concerns in the senior population. Memory care living provides heightened involvement direction of senior care. There is typically staff with memory care specializations as well as safety measures to provide security and peace of mind for loved ones. The Alzheimer’s Association recognizes these units for their potential and capacity to properly account for individuals and families managing dementia.
The memory care alternatives here at Foxtail Senior Living are oriented toward sensitivity, flexibility, and attentiveness to give residents the best experience possible. Our memory care residence does require an application process. Find out more here.

Deciding on a senior residence community can be stressful but understanding the language of living experience alternatives can make all the difference in ensuring that you make the best decision possible. For you, your family, and your life!

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