Winter Skin Care Tips for Seniors

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Winter is a rough season for our skin. Your lips are chapped and you have dry skin all over. Winter is to blame when it comes to aging skin. Here are a few ways that you can prevent your skin from suffering this winter season.

The Facts


The first thing that you need to invest in would be a humidifier because bringing in humidity into the home is just one way that you can improve the moisture in the air. In which makes it so your skin is glowing instead of cracking. You can also add in some essential oils to most humidifiers which not only adds a scent to your home but also can help you sleep better and overall just improve your mood. By adding moisture to the air your skin will naturally get the lotion it needs to stop dry skin from ever being an issue.

Drink Water

The second must have or must do is to stay hydrated during the winter. Make sure that your body has the water it needs because your skin is desperate for water when it comes to both the cold and dry seasons. Sometimes water can get boring or just simply does not sound good. This is where flavoring comes in. Add some lemon or cucumber to your water to get a better taste.


The third must do is to use lotion and keep your body moisturized in the best way possible. Make sure you are using a lotion that is special to your skin type so if you regularly have sensitive skin then you should look for a lotion that is focused on those who struggle with sensitive skin. If you have extra dry skin then look for a lotion that is aimed towards helping those with extra dry skin. These lotions do not have to be expensive. In fact, you can find some of the best lotions on the market at your local drug store.

Short Showers

Another thing to remember is to keep your showers shorter and at a lower temperature because long and hot showers can dry out your skin even more. Hot showers can make your skin turn red which means that the top layer of your skin is reacting to the temperature of the water. Basically, if the water is turning your skin red then it is just too hot so keep that in mind the next time you choose your shower water temperature.
These are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your skincare routine in the winter. These little everyday changes can save your skin and make moisturizing less of a hassle. Not only are these tips good for your skin but they are overall just good for your everyday health.

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