Warm Dishes to Comfort You This Winter

Chili in a silver pot on a cutting board

It’s tough to find activities to do in the winter, especially if you’re a senior. Everyone knows that if there’s one thing that could make your cold winter day feel more comfortable, it’s a warm stew. Grandma’s home-cooked meals will brighten anyone’s day, and it gives you a great activity for the winter months. Below, we at Foxtail Senior Living have highlighted a few different meals that are tasty and will give you something to do this winter.

Beef Stew

The staple dish of the winter months is a classic beef stew. Beef stews are a slow-cooking dish, so it’s sure to keep you busy. The traditional ingredients for a beef stew are roast beef, potatoes, and carrots. The other ingredients that can be included vary greatly depending on who you ask. It could include things such as mushrooms, garlic, onions, etc. This stew is a super hearty meal, and will instantaneously make the person eating it feel warm and comfortable. If this sounds interesting to you to make and never have, there are many great recipes all over the internet.


Another slow-cooked meal, chili is a tradition for the winter and fall months. Chili goes great during the Halloween season and would be sure to be a favorite at your Halloween party. Classic chili has ground beef, kidney beans, tomato sauce, and beef broth. You can also include many different kinds of vegetables, including tomatoes and onions. Likewise with the stew, if you have never made it or just want to try a new recipe there are plenty of great recipes to try!

Pot Pie

Pot pies are a dish that requires a lot of skill and practice to make. It takes a lot of effort to get the crust just right- golden and flaky. The great thing about pot pies is that you can use many different types of meat! If you’re making it around Thanksgiving time, turkey is a great option. You can also use beef, but most people’s favorite is chicken. Everyone that touches your pot pie is sure to be impressed!

Your family is sure to love your home-cooked dishes and will be begging for you to make more immediately. At Foxtail Senior Living we value getting our seniors the best meals possible. We offer great-tasting and healthy food options that are sure to make you feel warm and comfortable this winter. Give us a call today to ask any questions you may have about assisted living!

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