Photo Worthy Holiday Activities for Grandparents in Assisted Living

An Elderly lady with a camera

The weather may be getting colder, but our hearts are getting warmer. ‘Tis the season for all the wonderful school plays and activities your grandchildren are participating in. Due to life events, you may be held back from going to all the activities, and or for every grandchild there is. Luckily, a good old photograph or video is sure to keep you up to speed this holiday season. Assisted living does not mean you are held back from the holiday events. Instead, the activities are brought to you. Let’s break-down a list of all the noteworthy memories you can keep in a book or on your wall so that you can still be a participant in your grandchild’s life.

School Plays

School plays are a wonderful way for your grandchild to showcase their talent. What may seem magical onstage, is not what is going on in the chairs below. School plays can be time-consuming and can be uncomfortable when trying to sit next to a bunch of people for hours. By having a family member videotape or photograph the event, you are receiving only the best parts, which are of your grandchild. When your grandchild visits you can easily refer to the video and spark their excitement to tell you all about their experience. Maybe they will put on a little show for you too.

Scary Stories

Grabbing a book, or simply using your imagination is how some of the best scary stories are shared. Sit down with a flashlight and your grandchild to create an eerie mood perfect for Halloween. Dressing up a little is sure to get their heart pumping too. The perfect photo is of your grandchild on your lap with costumes on and books open. By sharing your stories, you are passing down traditions they can take with them to their children someday. Not to mention all your friends in assisted living are sure to have some interesting stories they have kept with them throughout the years.

Ornament Making

Ornament making is a fun activity that you can do with your grandchild directly. By gathering some popsicle sticks, glue, ribbon and googly eyes you can make a really cute reindeer ornament. This is the perfect opportunity to take a photo and attach it to the back so the popsicle sticks act as a frame for your memory. Be sure to make multiple so that you and your family can share. With an effortless activity like this, there is no need for a lot of physical and mental exertion.

After the Fun

A common misconception is that people on the outside think Idaho does not have a lot of events to offer. During the holiday season, however, there are plenty of activities being held in downtown Boise and Eagle. This is perfect for any Senior living in Eagle so that their grandchild can come on over after they have worn themselves out. Being with you, your grandchild will know that the fun is not over yet, and it gives you all the more reason to enjoy your assisted living center in Eagle so that you are close to a community where holidays are celebrated together.

Foxtail Assisted Living in Eagle Idaho is the helping hand you need when looking to live in a place of your own while flourishing in a community where activities are encouraged. Your grandchild will not only be close to you, but also close to all the holiday events. Idaho senior living facilities don’t have to be drab, keep your room interesting with photos and decor so that your grandchild looks forward to being in your loving home this holiday season.

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