Learning to Love Retirement

Black and white photo of person holding cardboard sign saying “WHAT NOW?”

The most popular question pondered by those wanting to retire; “What now?”. There are so many different paths you may take once you retire from your career, which can be intimidating to think about. Whether it be traveling the world or settling down to relax, Foxtail Assisted Living is here to ease the transition into the next phase of life.

Finding a Routine

For many people, retirement is bittersweet. Sure, you are done with the long stressful days at work, but what will you do with all of your newfound free time? A routine is crucial to keeping your days busy and not desiring your old job back. Start with a healthy sleep schedule and find activities to fill in the empty space such as golf on Mondays, book club on Tuesdays, lunch with old friends on Wednesdays, and so forth. The more time you fill in, the less you will resent the decision to move on from your career.


The time has finally come, you don’t have to worry about requesting time off anymore. You finally get the chance to travel down the coast of Italy or take that cruise through the Bahamas. Whatever your dreams may be, this is what you have been waiting for after decades of hard work. Take the initiative to find a vacation spot of your preference and make it happen. You don’t know how long the urge of traveling will stay appealing to you, so make the most of the next chapter of your life.


Volunteering is the best way to continue to work but not have to deal with any tax forms or work permits. In fact, retirees are responsible for 45% of the total hours of volunteer work according to a Merrill Lynch Study. If this seems like the right fit for you, there are millions of volunteer options out there to choose from.

Prepare for the Future

Although you may retire around your early sixties and a senior living center seems like something you don’t want to think about just yet, planning for your future is never a bad idea. At Foxtail Assisted Living, we give our retired residents so many fun opportunities to grow social atmospheres and other needs with many amenities including exercise programs, game nights, housekeeping services, medication management and much more (including a 24 hour snack and beverage bar)! Preparing for your older years earlier rather than later saves you from much stress and worry down the road!

There are so many great alternatives as a recent retiree, and you have the power to choose the best route for you! After all the fun years of being done with work, settle down at Foxtail Assisted Living and we will show you how much you will enjoy our growing community in the beautiful city of Eagle, Idaho.

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