An Overview of Foxtail’s Assisted Living Services

A lady in a yellow sweater giving a man in a black sweater his daily pills at a table.

As we get older, it can become more difficult to do things on our own and take care of ourselves. That’s when the thought of assisted living may come to mind. It is never an easy decision to make that call, but when you or your loved one is at that point it is important to pick the best facility available. At Foxtail, we strive to provide an environment that all of our residents feel comfortable in. Keep reading to see what our facility has to offer so that you can make a well-informed decision for the loved ones in your life!

Housekeeping Services

As many studies have shown, keeping your personal space clean has a positive effect on your mood and overall well-being. However, some of the movements that cleaning requires can be challenging or painful for some residents. We understand that this can be frustrating, which is why Foxtail offers housekeeping services to all of our residents. Whether it’s doing a load of laundry or cleaning the windows, our staff is able to help each resident keep their space clean in whatever capacity they need.

Transportation Services

For residents that can’t or don’t want to drive a car, grocery trips and shopping excursions are not always feasible. This is why we provide transportation services to make it easier for our residents so they can get their errands done or go where they need to outside of the facility. From going to the grocery store to seeing loved ones, we are here to make sure that our residents are not restricted from doing what they need to do.

Emergency Call Services

You never know when an emergency is going to happen. That being said, we are always prepared for these matters. Although we take preventative measures in everything we do, we provide a 24/7 medical staff that is ready for all types of situations. Our fabulous team is available around the clock to provide the best care possible because the safety and comfort of our residents is a top priority!

Exercise Programs

Having a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Psychology has proven that exercising is a form of therapy and improves the overall mind and body. That is why here at Foxtail, we provide exercise programs to all of our residents. Being well aware that all our residents are at different physical levels, we work diligently with them to get them where they want to be from a physical standpoint. We are here to help them in any way possible and want to give them the ability to get out and get active, to elevate their activity, for both the body and the mind.


We try our best to provide plenty of opportunities for our residents to interact with one another so they can develop new relationships and be able to enjoy each other’s company. We offer a plethora of activities at our facility to keep our residents engaged and have fun tasks to look forward to each and every day. Activities could be anything from going out to see a performer to having a relaxing arts and crafts day. Of course, everything is optional, but who wouldn’t want to add some more fun into their day?

Making the decision to move a loved one to an assisted living facility is never an easy thing to do, and we want to ensure that transition is as easy as possible. Contact us today and we can help make that change attainable!

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