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At Foxtail Senior Living, we have over 25 years of experience providing the best possible service and care to our residents and their families.

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Who We Are.

For over 25 years the Hines Family has provide quality care and beautiful living accommodations for the senior community in the great state of Idaho. When they founded their first facility back in 1991, the Hines did so with the goal to provide the finest care and assistance to help people transition to a new style of living.

By creating a comfortable, home-like setting in their facilities, the Hines’s extended their family to include all the wonderful residents and family members they have served over the years. Each resident has taught the Hines’s and their staff more and more, allowing the staff at Foxtail to polish and refine their approach to offer the finest in all around care, to the finest residents around.

Our Values.


Qualified and caring staff make a world of difference. We ensure each resident is treated with respect and care at all times.


We understand the importance of keeping the creative juices flowing and how that positively affects brain health and quality of life.


Integrity is key to quality care. Each staff member is honest and held to the highest moral standard that each resident deserves.


Each resident deserves respect and to be held in the highest possible esteem. Our staff respects each resident and ensures they feel it.


Being cared for can often make a person feel lesser than they should. We ensure our residents retain their dignity no matter what they are going through.


At Foxtail, we see our residents as if they are part of our own family. We treat them with the love and respect they would get from their own family members.

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