3 Summer Activities For Seniors and Their Families

As the peak of summer is approaching, there are many outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy! It is important for older individuals to engage in outdoor activities because vitamin D has proven to be essential for strong bones, memory care, and healthy muscles. Research shows that seniors are much more susceptible to Alzheimer’s or Dementia when they do not get a sufficient amount of physical and mental activity. Whether you are looking for summer activities for yourself or planning a day to enjoy with your family, the Boise metro area has lots of senior-friendly activities to offer on a hot day. Spend a day outside of the living center by going to the festivals, sporting events, or local parks. These activities will allow you and your family to explore the Boise area while soaking up the warm summer sun. Remember while adventuring outside, you should always bring sunscreen, water, and protective clothing!

Idaho Shakespeare Festival

One of the hidden gems of Boise is the Idaho Shakespeare Festival! The festival’s amphitheater is a 770 seat facility built in the beautiful foothills of Boise. The venue is alongside the river with a wide variety of flora and fauna surrounding the areas where you sit and enjoy the words of Shakespeare. Enjoy classics like:

  • Sleuth (July 8- August 1)
  • The Tempest (August 12- September 5)
  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (September 10- September 26)

This is a perfect event for seniors and family to indulge in with its relaxing yet engaging experience. Ticket sales will resume shortly so don’t forget to check periodically for upcoming plays and performances. To get a glimpse of the environment, check out the gallery!

Sporting Events

There are many summer sporting events that take place all around the Boise metro area. The Boise Hawks, a baseball team affiliated with the Pioneer League, is in the midst of their season in Garden City. Get out and unwind at a baseball game while watching the sunset in the valley. This is a perfect opportunity to bring along the whole family as there are many family-friendly minigames such as bingo, sack races, and dizzy bat. Tickets are offered online here!
Another great baseball team in the area is the Canyon County Spuds. The Spuds are a summer collegiate baseball team in their debut season in the Expedition League. Top players from their respective colleges are selected to play at Wolfe Field in Caldwell using wood bats to emulate a professional ball game. The experience is a great alternative for seniors who have families living in the Caldwell area. The Spuds are known for their exciting entertainment including players dancing on the field, blindfolded pillow fights, and mini-games for the audience. If you want a lively atmosphere of America’s favorite pastime, these sporting events are perfect for you!

Summer in Idaho means there are going to be some days where it is just too hot to spend time outside. If you’re looking for a sporting event that isn’t outside, the Idaho Horsemen, a professional indoor football team, is currently playing games at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa. Fast-paced games are offered every Saturday night making this the perfect weekend activity that can be enjoyed by all ages!

Local Parks

Boise’s local parks are staples to the peaceful downtown atmosphere of the city. Large parks such as Ann Morrison and Julia Davis are just two of the main hotspots for picnics, floating the Boise River, walks, and family gatherings.
Ann Morrison Park is a 153-acre park with brand new interactive fountains, horseshoe pits, and many sporting venues. Its wildlife includes geese, ducks, and occasionally a deer can be spotted. Whether you stop to take a stroll and explore its scenic beauty or stop by for a picnic lunch, it won’t disappoint! If the walk isn’t long enough, take a trip down the connecting greenbelt and walk along the Boise River. Reservations are also available for shelter that could be used for events, ceremonies, or picnics.

Julia Davis Park, similar to Ann Morrison, has greenbelt access, wildlife hotspots, and fishing. Fishing at Julia Davis Park is great for seniors and families due to the easy access to the pond and level grass areas to fish off of. For the stocking forecast, visit the Fish and Game Schedule.

All of these tranquil activities are beneficial for mental health and physical activity which are keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and memory. If you want to experience additional events outside of our scheduled activities, there are ride services offered for all residents. If you have any questions regarding services, visiting, taking your loved one out for an adventure, or anything else about our care facility, contact Foxtail Assisted Living today!

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